What is a strategy

1. Analysis

We begin with an Audit of your communications, your industry, and an analysis of your competitors.

2. Positioning

We will work with you to define your identity, your strengths, what you want to be known for (your USP*), and what makes you stand out from the crowd.

3. Creative concept

At this point, we will develop the core features of your visual identity. Refining and exchanging ideas will create the foundation of the Creative Concept.

4. Objectives

Setting objectives (SMART*) is halfway to achieving them. Developing a clear vision means that we can create measurable goals to reach them (think KPIs*).

5. Targets

We will define and prioritise your communication targets to deliver the right message, to the right people, the right way.

6. Measuring

We will work out the best channels and type of communication to use in a style that suits you. With this customised mixed-media we’ll reach your objectives whilst respecting your budget (ROI*).

7. Budget & Planing

Before we start, we will create a communication plan together that respects your goals, deadlines, and budget! 

*USP = Unique Selling Proposition

*SMART = Specific, Mesurable, Achivable, Relevant, Timing

*KPI = Key Performance Indicators

*ROI = Return On Investment

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